Frequently Asked Questions:

QUESTION: How many clients can I train with FitnessGenerator?
ANSWER:  Unlimited! You can setup as many clients as you'd like.

QUESTION: How do I accept payments for clients online?

ANSWER:  We are 100% integrated with paypal. So you can accept payments through paypal (and if your clients don't have a paypal account, they can pay through paypal with their credit card). And paypal is 100% free to use!

QUESTION: How much should I charge my clients?

ANSWER:  It varies depending on length of program, target market, etc. As a general rule of thumb, most trainers setup a monthly fee and charge their per hour rate for the month. For example, if you charge $80 an hour for in-person training, you would charge $80 a month for online training. You can handle many more online clients than you can in-person clients.

QUESTION: Are there any extra fees?
ANSWER:  No - there are zero hidden fees! EVERYTHING is included in this breakthrough program.

QUESTION: How do I find new clients?

ANSWER:  You'll learn all of the latest web site and online marketing tips with our taped teleseminars and ebook for Fitness Generator trainers only.

QUESTION: Is Fitness Generator ONLY for online training?

ANSWER:  No. We have trainers who are using Fitness Generator as a bonus or upsell for their existing in person training clients. We even have teachers, coaches and professors who are using the program for all their students an athletes. You choices are unlimited!

QUESTION: I don't have a website, can I still benefit from Fitness Generator?

ANSWER:  Absolutely! You can send programs via email. Plus, you'll also receive your very own Fitness Generator web page.

QUESTION: Am I billed monthy? And how long do I have to stay with Fitness Generator?

ANSWER:  Yes, you will be billed monthly and there's no long term committment. Cancel anytime!

QUESTION: I live outside the US - how much will it cost me?

ANSWER:  Use the Currency Exchange to do the conversion for your country

QUESTION: What if I can't find an exercise I like to use in the database?

ANSWER:  We're adding new exercises every week. And if there's one you can't find, just email us the photos and we'll create it for you.

QUESTION: How much money can I make training clients online?

ANSWER:  It's really up to you. Some trainers are making $30,000 or more a month and some are earning $100 a month. It will depend on factors such as: your target niche, promotion, etc. We'll help you as much as we can become successful!

QUESTION: How many programs can I create?

ANSWER:  Unlimited! And it only takes seconds to create and edit new programs!

QUESTION: How easy is it for my clients to use?

ANSWER:  It's so simple! They just login and they'll see a large calendar with their workouts. That's it. There are no links or distracting articles. Just their program waiting for them!

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