Getting Started with FitnessGenerator:
Step by Step

Welcome to the FitnessGenerator Startup. Just follow the steps and you should be creating killer programs in no time.

PART I - Getting Setup with Payments and Homepage

Step 1: Signup with Paypal here. You can choose any plan, but it's best to create a business account.

Step 2: Once you've signed up with Paypal, go to 'Payment Plans' and enter your PayPal ID in the designated space (your paypal ID is the email address you joined paypal with!)

Step 3: Create payment plans. You can choose recurring billing (to automatically rebill clients) or non-recurring for a one-time payment.

Step 4: Create your homepage by going to 'My Homepage Contents'

Step 5: Enter all the sales copy, descriptions in the box provided. You can see what your page will look like by clicking on the link noted. You can use some HTML to spice up your page (click here for basics, here for paragraphs, here for font size,color)

Step 6: You can add a photo by clicking 'browse' next to the 'Enter Image' box. 'Browse' will open up a file and then you can choose an image from your computer

Step 7: You can also use our templates by choosing 'View Sample Templates' and copy/pasting the text into the box.


PART II - Creating Your First Workout

Step 8: Spend some time and create workouts ahead of time. Go to 'Create Workout Programs'

Step 9: Choose a name to call your workout and hit 'continue'

Step 10: Next, you'll be taken to the 'Exercises' section. Choose the first exercise you want to add by navigating through the categories on the left OR by searching by keyword

Step 11: Once you find the exercise you want to select, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose 'ADD THIS EXERCISE TO THE WORKOUT'

Step 12: From there, you'll be taken to the program and you can either choose reps/resistance now OR choose 'ADD MORE EXERCISES' to go back to the Exercises page and choose more exercise

Step 13: Continue with Steps 7 and 8 until you are happy with your program


PART III - Assigning a Workout to Your Clients

Step 14: If you want to assign a workout to a client you want to add manually (and not charge) go to 'View/Add Clients'

Step 15: Click 'Add a New Client'

Step 16: Setup your client by adding their info (name, email, username, password, etc.) and click 'Submit Registration'

Step 17: Once you're done, they're now in the system

Step 18: If you have a workout already created that you want to assign them, go to 'View Workout Programs'.

Step 19: Choose the workouts you'd like them to do and click the name of the program

Step 20: You'll be taken to the workout where you can make any changes to sets/reps/resistance, add exercises (to save as another name: see Step 30)

Step 21: Scroll down the the bottom of the page where you'll see your clients name and a small box next to their name. Click on the box and choose 'Assign Clients'

Step 22: Scroll back down to their name and now you'll see a small calendar next to their name. Click on the calendar and choose the date(s) you want them to complete the workout. Then close the box and it's done! The next time they login, the workout will be there waiting for them to complete


PART IV - Creating Assessment Forms

Step 23: If you want to have your client do an assessment, go to 'View/Add Clients' and choose the client on the left.

Step 24: Scroll down to 'Assessment Forms' and click the box(es) of the forms you'd like to use and click 'Update Form Access'

Step 25: If you want to create your own form, go to 'Blank Questionnaire' and click on the link.

Step 26: Enter the question(s) you'd like to ask your client.

Step 27: Once your done, the assessment is added to their account and when they update it, you'll see it marked.


PART IV - Changing/Editing Workouts

Step 28: Go to 'View Workout Programs' and choose the program you'd like to edit

Step 29: Make the changes by adding exercises, changing sets, reps, resistance, comments, etc.

Step 30: You can either click 'Update' to save the changes OR choose 'Save workout as' under a new name. The old workout will still be saved, but now you'll also have your new workout saved under a new name (perfect for different levels of workouts)