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Basic FitnessPrice:
$ 100
for 4 Weeks
This plan includes 2 custom workouts weekly. After filling out questionnaires to let us know your health history, goals,and equipment availability and Mary will customize 2 workouts per week.
Super FitPrice:
$ 150
for 4 Weeks
Same as Basic Fitness but add a 3rd workout weekly to really get in shape fast!
Weight Loss PackagePrice:
$ 425
for 4 Weeks
This package takes the Basic Fitness package and combines a diet plan. Keep weekly food and exercise logs for your trainer to give you constant feedback on your progress and make changes when necessary.
Weight Loss DeluxePrice:
$ 475
for 4 Weeks
Add an additional day of training to the Weight Loss Package above to get 3 custom workouts per week for faster weight loss and results!
Lifestyles Plan My GymPrice:
$ 750
for 8 Weeks
If you live in the Milton/Alpharetta area this package combines an initial fitness and health assessment with weekly 1 hour one on one training, custom diet plan, 2 additional weight training plans per week to do on your own,aerobic conditioning plan, monitoring of diet and exercise logs by your trainer and unlimited email and phone consultation. This 8 week program will get you in shape once and for all! *Please note the price of this program is varies depending on location and time of day. Please contact for rates -*begin as low as $575 and go up to 800 depending upon location.
Lifestyle Diet PlanPrice:
$ 325
for 1 Month
This plan involves a phone or in person consultation that takes about one hour. After learning about your goals, diet, likes, dislikes and lifestyle Mary prepares a personalized plan for you. You receive a personal website to log your food online which is monitored for the first month for free. You will receive feedback and adjustments to your plan along with lots of easy and clean recipes.
Diet Plan CoachingPrice:
$ 75
for 1 Month
One month of Nutrition Coaching and Diet Monitoring. Mary will follow your diet logs and help you make changes during your lifestyle transformation. She adds motivation and helps you through those tough times.
Nutrition Coaching PackagesPrice:
$ 0
for 4 Weeks
Packages are individualized and start at $100 for a local in home consult. Packages can be built to include grocery tours, pantry clean outs, recipe demonstrations, menu planning and more. Call first to workout a package.
Two Week Detox Plan e-book onlyPrice:
$ 14.99
for 0 Week
The Two Week Detox Plan e-book will educate and guide you through this life transforming detoxification plan that sheds the weight and gets your healthy at the same time. It's easy to follow with a morning shake and real food throughout the day. People lose up to 13 lbs in just 2 weeks and change their eating habits for life. This price is for the e-book only without coaching. Add coaching for an additional fee in the next package.
Total Nutrition PackagePrice:
$ 350
for 0 Day
Start your program with the Two Week Detox Plan with unlimited email support. Mary can help you get ready for the plan, make any adjustments necessary for you and guide you through your two weeks and challenges after. Next you will get a one hour consult with Mary in person or by phone or Skype where she will collect what she needs to customize a Lifestyle Diet Plan for you. This plan gives you 3-4 options for meals and snacks throughout the day and is make to fit into your lifestyle so its the last diet you ever need! Mary follows you for a total of 2 months with this package through monitoring food logs and unlimited email support.
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