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It's time once again to open our doors for participants in our Power Ambassador program!
Its simply free unlimited access to our Sports-Specific strength and conditioning programs available to all athletes ages 11 and up.
One free unlimited online membership will be awarded every day to a hard working student athlete who due to time, affordability, or other logistics, cannot get proper strength and conditioning coaching and programming to help prevent injury and excel at their chosen sport. 

To be considered simply log on to US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning ( ), and fill out the free fitness profile form. 
In the "Fitness Goal" box, please state your sport.
In the "[Optional] School, Team Name, Country" box please put the code PA2015 to identify you as a participant. 
If you are chosen, I will personally contact you via email to get you fully registered and get your customized strength and conditioning program delivered to you in 24 hours or less.

Although there are no other qualifications this program is best suited for athletes:

-Whose school or team does not provide a customized strength and conditioning program, leaving the student-athlete to design their own program and simply log in their gym time.

-A good strength coach or personal trainer is not feasible or affordable. (It should be noted that no online program is a substitute for a good strength coach or personal trainer).

-You know that you could perform your sport better if you knew how to get bigger, stronger, faster, and more agile. 

-You are ready to work hard and can follow simple instructions. 

Once registered to the program here is an outline of what you will be receiving:
Members receive full access and Features:
Fully customized exercises, sets, reps and weights.
Videos demonstrating proper technique for every exercise.
Routines utilizing equipment available to you home or gym!
Full comprehensive Nutritional Counseling With 7-Day Meal Planning.
Personal contact with me anytime via built-in email system.
Integrated feedback loop for precise program monitoring.
All 100% FREE! For as long as you wish to participate in the program. All I would ask is that if you like the US Sports Online Strength and Conditioning System , share it with your team mates and friends by forwarding the link above to them or ( ). I have been training athletes and fitness warriors online and in person for 16 years and have no plans of stopping until every athlete I can reach gets stronger, faster, more agile, avoids injury and enjoys their sport or activity even more so, because of being more fit!

No credit card, no hidden payments and no personal information outside of specific sports performance information will be asked for. You information is secure with us and we will not share any email or contact information with any entity. We hate spam as much as you do. 

Questions? Feel free to contact me via email reply or call 571-501-5306 to talk to me directly. 

Ready to get into game shape? Click here to log on now. Fill out the free fitness profile form to get started today! This program is available for a limited time so register today!

Thank you for your commitment to success!
Donate To The Power Ambassador Program That is Part Of Our Student-Athlete Outreach Fund. Click here to contribute. Any amount will help deserving Student-Athletes around the world!.