Screenshots of FitnessGenerator

Take a look at a couple of screenshots from the revolutionary FitnessGenerator program. I know you're going to love the clean look and feel, plus the ease of use and flexibility!

Creating new workouts takes 5 seconds

Look at the simple layout. Once you choose your exercises, quickly add sets, reps, resistance, and even comments. You can move the order of each exercise (or even delete it) with one click.

It takes 5 seconds to create a workout!

exercise.jpg (17424 bytes)


Access to 13 completed, in-depth assessment forms

Use our custom-created assessment forms for your clients online including: Health history, MD clearance, client goals, exercise history, parq, and even a blank questionaire so you can create your own assessment!

Here's a short sample from our 'exercise history' assessment form:

assessment.jpg (13168 bytes)

Create payment plans

You get complete flexibility with payment plans for your online training. Charge a one-time fee, or rebill weekly or even monthly. And you set the price. It's so simple and effective (and it's fully integrated with paypal)

pay.jpg (18474 bytes)

Choose the schedule

Just choose the the date(s) you want your client to perform the workout, and it's automatically added to their program. It's so easy!

workout.jpg (20924 bytes)


It's easy for your clients too!

Once they login to your page, they just click on the date of their workout. It pops up and they can then enter what they completed (# of sets, reps, resistance and even add comments).

And once the update their workout, you'll be able to see what they've done so you can make any necessary changes to their next workout.

calendar.jpg (17073 bytes)


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