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Welcome to the FitnessGenerator Support Section. You should find all the answers to your most common questions right here. If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact our support team at (Important: please include your Username when emailing the support team)

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Q. How do I create a new program?
A. Go to
Create Workout Programs. Then enter a name for what you'd like to call your program.
For example, you can call your program 'golf power' or '6 week abs'. Create unlimited programs and program variations

Q. How do I add exercises to the workout?
A. After you choose a name for your workout, you'll be taken directly to the exercise page. From there, use the categories on the left to choose the bodypart and modality you'd like to use. Once you find the exercise you want, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose 'ADD THIS EXERCISE TO THE WORKOUT'. It is automatically added to the workout and now you can add sets/reps/resistance.

Q. How many exercises can I choose?
A. Unlimited

Q. How do I add more exercises
A. Within the workout, click on 'ADD MORE EXERCISES' and then choose your exercise

Q. How do I assign a workout to a client
A. Once you have the workout set (correct exercises, sets, reps, etc.), scroll to the bottom where all your clients names are listed. Then check the box of the client(s) you'd like to complete the workout.

clients.jpg (6515 bytes)Once you check the box, click 'Assign Clients'. Once that's completed, a small calendar will appear next to the clients name.

Then click on the calendar and choose the date(s) you'd like to workout completed and close the window when complete. It's added to the clients page automatically.




Q. How do I edit training programs?
A. Click on 'View Workout Programs' on the top navigation bar. Once there, click on the name of the workout you'd like to edit. After you get to the workout, you can add more exercises, changes sets/reps/resistance, etc.

Then you can either save this workout with the same name, or choose a new name and 'Save as' with that new name. The workout will then be saved automatically with the new name



Q. What is my webpage url?
A. Your webpage url (where you will send clients to signup) is the following
(remember to replace 'USERNAME' with your fitnessgenerator username)

Q. Are there graphics I can use to link to?
A.Yes, you can use any of the graphics below to link through. You must save the graphics on your harddrive (right click on the image and 'save target as' on your computer) Then make sure to link the graphic to your webpage url (as described above)

lose (9823 bytes)                 fast (9787 bytes)                 strong (9750 bytes)



Q. How do I send the client an assessment?
A. Go to 'View/Add Clients', choose the client, and then click on the box of the assessment(s) you'd like the client to perform.



Q. How do I accept payments?
A. You can either accept payments on your own or use our built-in paypal feature.

Q. What is PayPal and how do I get setup?
A. You can signup with paypal for free here:
Once you are setup, you will enter your paypal (usually your email address) in the 'Enter Paypal ID' space under 'PAYMENT PLANS' in the navigation links.

Q. How do I setup a plan?
A. First, choose a name for the plan such as '4 week training'

Second, choose a period of time under 'period'. You can choose any number. Let's use '4' as an example

Then pick day, week, month or year. Let's use 'week' as an example.

The price is next. Let's use '50' as an example

Finally, choose either yes or no for recurring. If you choose yes, the client will be rebilled. Let's use 'yes' as an example.

So if you put it all together using our example. Your plan will charge the client and rebill them $50 every 4 weeks.

Q. How do I cancel Client Subscription
A. To cancel recurring subscriptions, you will need to cancel the client's subscription from your Paypal account. Click here to see how to cancel in PayPal.
Once you cancel subscription, set the "Valid till" date for the client from "View/add clients" section to the date upto which he/she has paid on So, that client can use the site only upto that date.